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Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Services Provided by KMDA as notified by WBRTPS Act - 2013, Memo No. 2453-UD/O/M/ESTT./E-19/2014 (Pt-I) Dated - 19th July, 2017

Barrackpore Housing Project Brochure New
List of Latitude & Longitude of the Project lands New
Quotation for Group Floater Medical Insurance Facility for employees of KMDA New
Barrackpore Prebid Query & Corrigendum-2 New
Joint Venture Agreement between 'KMDA' & 'KoPT' for Kolkata Giant Wheel at Millennium Park New


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N.I.Q. No.16/2017-2018New N.I.Q. No.18/2017-2018New Auction Notice No. 199/KMDA/CSC/MT-294/2017 (2nd call)New Notice Inviting Quotation No.03/EE/NSD/E&AM/KMDA of 2017-18New Notice Inviting Tender No. 03/EE/ED-I/E-M/KMDA of 2017-18New Notice Inviting Tender No. 08/KMDA/EM/ED-II/T-I of 2017-18New Notice Inviting e-Tender No.KMDA/CIVIL/05/SE(C)/E&AM of 2017-18New Abridged e-tendering NIT No.SE(FAWS)/T-56 to SE(FAWS)/T-61 of 2017-18New Abridged e-Tender Notice No.KMDA/HOUSING/SE/CIRCLE-II/NIT-101/2017-2018New bridged e-Tender Notice No.KMDA/HOUSING/DIV-I/CIRCLE-I/NIT-98/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tender Notice No.KMDA/HOUSING/DIV-I/CIRCLE-I/NIT-99/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tendering NIT No.25/SE(EC)/WS/KMDA of 2017-18New Tender Notice No. 01/EE/South/R&B/KMDA of 2017-18New Abridged e-Tender Notice No.KMDA/HOUSING/CE/NIT-96/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tender Notice No.KMDA/HOUSING/EE/DIV-V/CIRCLE-II/NIT-97/2017-2018New 1st Corrigendum of 25/SE(EC)/WS/KMDA of 2017-2018New Notice Inviting Tender No. 15/SE/Plng/W&S/KMDA of 2017-18New Abridged e-Tender Notice No.KMDA/HOUSING/SE/Circle-I/NIT-94/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tender Notice No.KMDA/HOUSING/SE/Circle-I/NIT-95/2017-2018New Notice Inviting e-Tender No.KMDA/R&B/SE/C-I/NIT-04/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tendering NIT No.SE(FAWS)/T-52 to SE(FAWS)/T-55 of 2017-18New Notice Inviting Quotation No.02/EE/NSD/E&AM/KMDA of 2017-18New Abridged Tender Notice No.KMDA/Housing/EE/DIV-I/NIT-82/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tendering NIT No.SE(GAP)/T-02 (R) of 2017-18New Notice Inviting Tender No. EE-VI/T-03 of 2017-18New Abridged e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/HOUSING/EE/DIV-V/Circle-II/NIT-89/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/HOUSING/EE/DIV-V/Circle-II/NIT-90/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/HOUSING/EE/DIV-V/Circle-II/NIT-91/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/HOUSING/EE/DIV-V/Circle-II/NIT-92/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/HOUSING/EE/DIV-V/Circle-II/NIT-93/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/HOUSING/EE/DIV-V/Circle-II/NIT-87/2017-2018New Abridged e-Tender Notice No.KMDA/HOUSING/EE/DIV-I/CIRCLE-I/NIT-88/2017-2018New Notice Inviting e-Tender No.KMDA/CIVIL/HOUSING/SE/C-IV/03 of 2017-18New Notice Inviting e-Tender No.14/SE/Plng/W&S/KMDA of 2017-18New Abridged e-Tender Notice No.13/SE/C-II/RB/KMDA of 2017-2018New Corrigendum 1 of 13/SE/C-II/RB/KMDA of 2017-2018New Corrigendum to 3/Q/EE/BPPD-II/E&AM/KMDA of 2017-18New