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Short-listed Top Six Consultancy Firms Corrigendum no. -1 to SE(GAP) T-18 Barrackpore MWW DPR and Soil Report of Barrackpore MWW Scheme Abridged & Detail NIT for Barrackpore MWW-28.10.2015 Budge Budge ESAMP EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Consultancy Services for River Front Development Corrigendum-III Request of Expression of Interest for Riverfront Development in Kolkata Metropolitan Area Budge Budge MWW Addendum-2 Reply of Queries of Budge Budge MWW Project, 10-08-2015 Budge Budge Addendum-3 NIQ DPR of Namami Ganga - WBMAD/SE/PLANNING/NIQ-05e/2015-16 Addendum-1 of Budge Budge ESAMP Document for Budge Budge Sewerage Project funded by World Bank Budge Budge Bid Documents NIQ WBMAD/SE/PLANNING/NIQ - 02e/2015-16 (2nd call) NIQ WBMAD/SE/PLANNING/NIQ-03e/2015-16 (2nd call) NIQ for NAMAMI GANGA PROJECT Halisahar addendum-9 19.03.2015 Addendum - 8 Halisahar Dt. 10.03.2015 Addendum - 8 Dt. 10.03.2015 Addendum - 7 Dt. - 13.03.2015 ESAMp Budge Budge Halisahar Addendum-6 of 18.02.2015 Halisahar Addendum-6 of 17.02.2015 Halisahar Addendum-3 & 4 Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting of EOI No. KIT-66/2014-15 NIQ-5 of Namami Gange Programme NIQ-4 of Namami Gange Programme Detailed Project Report for Development of Ganga Sagar Halisahar Bid Document Addendum-2 Halisahar Bid Document Addendum-1 Halisahar Bid Document Vol -II and III Halisahar Bid Document Final ICB Package No: 02/SE(N)/GAP/KMDA of 14 - 15 Detailed Project Report for Development of Sewerage System in Halisahar Municipality under NRGBA ESAMP On 26th September, 2014, Empanelment of Advertising in KMDA 2014-2016 On 25th September, 2014, Empanelment of Advertising in KMDA 2014-2016

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