Government of West Bengal
Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority
(A Statutory Body under Urban Development & Municipal Affairs Department)

Active Tenders

Sl. Tender No Tender Date Closing Date Subject Download
1 e-Tender NIT No.05/SE/C-III/R&B/KMDA of 2021-22 07-01-2022 28-01-2022 Shifting of KMDA boundary wall and widening of approach road towards Kasba Industrial Estate, Kasba, Kolkata-700107. New Icon PDF Icon
2 Notice Inviting Tender No. 05/EE/ED-VIII/EM/KMDA of 2021-22 07-01-2022 25-01-2022 Overhauling and servicing including supply, fitting & fixing of spare parts of Pump No. 2 at Raw Water Pump House under Garulia Municipality. New Icon PDF Icon
3 Notice Inviting e-Quotation No.10/BPPD-II/E&AM/KMDA of 2021-22 06-01-2022 25-01-2022 Deployment of Private Security personnel of 13 nos. for the period of 1(one) year at Nazrul Mancha. New Icon PDF Icon
4 Notice Inviting Tender No.07/EE/MD-V/EM/KMDA of 2021-22 06-01-2022 08-02-2022 Repairing, Overhauling and new supply of pump spares 1 No Pump (Capacity 2305 M3/hr) and 1 no Repairing, 11KV/110V, P.T. at Kalyani Clear Water Pumping Station. And 01 more. New Icon PDF Icon
5 Abridged e-Tender Notice No. 10/EE/ED-VI/EM/KMDA/2021-22 (2nd Call) 06-01-2022 08-02-2022 Repairing of damage Poles, cable fault, painting of street Light installation including some allied works from Kamalgazi fly Over end to Padmapukur (Both side of Adi Ganga). New Icon PDF Icon
6 Notice Inviting Tender No.06/EE /HSRD/R&B/KMDA of 2021-2022 05-01-2022 25-01-2022 Emergent repair of Bus channel between Howrah Station Subway Gate no-5 to 6 of Kolkata busstand for parking place of Ganga Sagar Mela, 2022. New Icon PDF Icon
7 e-NIT No.KMDA/CIVIL/HOUSING/SE/C-IV/24 of 2021-22 (2nd Call) 05-01-2022 05-02-2022 Construction of Temporary Approach road for Short Term SLF site at Calcutta Leather Complex (CLC), Bantala, 24 PGS (S) (2nd call) New Icon PDF Icon
8 Notice Inviting Tender No.EE-VI/T-19 of 2021-22 04-01-2022 04-02-2022 Repairing/Renovation of Steel Window & Collapsible gate at Administrative Building of 20 MGD Serampore Water Treatment Plant. New Icon PDF Icon
9 e-RfP No.10/SE(NC)/SD&SWM/KMDA of 2021-2022 04-01-2022 31-01-2022 Preparation of Geographic Information System (GIS) based Comprehensive Drainage Master Plan and Detailed Project Report for Barrackpore Subdivision and Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation area, District-North 24 Parganas, West Bengal (2nd Call) New Icon PDF Icon
10 Notice Inviting Tender No.08/EE(E)/GAP-1/EM/KMDA/T-08 of 2021-22 04-01-2022 19-01-2022 Temporarily installation of 20HP diesel pump sets with operators on hires basis with periodic maintenance for de-watering of water at serampur sewerage line opposite of Masirbari more & Gala Pole under Serampur Municipality New Icon PDF Icon
11 Notice Inviting Tender No.EE-VI/BWTP/T-09 of 2021-22 04-01-2022 04-02-2022 As and when required basis repairing of different diameter pipeline (DI/MS) alongwith valve of different dia & make (Butterfly/Sluice/Air /Non-Return) at Zone- II (Covering Hooghly Chinsurah Municipal area) under Bansberia Water Treatment Plant New Icon PDF Icon
12 1st Corrigendum of NIQ No.03/EE(Materials wing)/W&S/KMDA of 2021-2022 03-01-2022 24-01-2022 1st Corrigendum Notice New Icon PDF Icon
13 Notice Inviting Tender No. 39/KMDA/EM/ED-II/T-I OF 2021-22 03-01-2022 21-01-2022 Restoration of defective cable through HDPE pipe & allied work at MAA flyover incl. replacement of 55 inch CCTV Monitor at Tiljala Traffic Guard Office. And 02 more. New Icon PDF Icon
14 e-NIT No. KMDA/CIVIL/HOUSING/SE/C-IV/23 of 2021-22 03-01-2022 09-02-2022 Land filling work up to a depth 200mm below from the adjacent road level for new tanneries at Calcutta Leather Complex (CLC), Bantala, 24 PGS (South). New Icon PDF Icon
15 Detailed e-Tender Notice No. 06/SE/C-V/R&B/KMDA of 2021-2022 03-01-2022 28-01-2022 Construction of PCC road and drain near Bablatala Ramesh Mitra road at ward no 16 under North Dum Dum Municipality. New Icon PDF Icon
16 Abridge NIQ No. 03/EE(Materials wing)/W&S/KMDA of 2021-2022 03-01-2022 18-01-2022 Supplying HDPE (Materials grade PE-100) pipes conforming to IS 4984- 1995 with latest revision & amendments if any with necessary HDPE specials (excluding cost of CIDF valves) including labour charges for earth work in excavation in any kind of soil including mixed soil with boulder, road sub-grade and aits flank but excluding moorum laterite or sand stone / hard rock cutting with chisel required including cutting road flank/ brick pavement etc. without damaging the existing telephone/electrical cable line etc.(in case of damage of any type of cable line by the agency at the time of ex New Icon PDF Icon
17 Detail Notice Inviting Tender No.09/NIT/EE/CSD/E&AM/KMDA OF 2021-2022 31-12-2021 20-01-2022 General pest control, Eradication of Mosquitoes, flies, Cockroach, Bed Bugs, Anti termite chemical treatment, Rodent control treatment at different floor, blocks of Unnayan Bhavan complex for the year of 2021-2022 (Twelve Months) (2nd Call). New Icon PDF Icon
18 Abridged Notice Inviting Tender No. 09/EE/ND/W&S/KMDA OF 2021-22 31-12-2021 03-02-2022 Operation of all types valves at different points (Inside & Outside) of UGR at Tikiapara, Howrah along with jungle cutting for a period of six months (180 days). New Icon PDF Icon
19 Notice Inviting Tender No.CIVIL/06/EE/CRS/E&AM/KMDA OF 2021-22 30-12-2021 17-01-2022 Emergent works for operation and maintenance of the parking space adjacent to Unnayan Bhavan premises in connection with upcoming Kolkata International Book Fair, 2022. New Icon PDF Icon
20 Abridged Tender Notice No. EE(O&M)IA/T-26 to EE(O&M)IA/T-30 of 2021-2022 of 2021-2022 30-12-2021 19-01-2022 Interconnection by laying 100 mm dia PVC pipeline from Andul Gram Panchayet Office to Argori Sitalatala Math of Andul G. P area under AndulMohiary FAWS scheme. And 04 more. New Icon PDF Icon
21 Details Notice Inviting Tender No: 10/EE/BD/W&S/KMDA of 2021-22 30-12-2021 21-01-2022 Yearly maintenance of Baranagar Kamarhati Treatment plant staff quarter building no.100,200, 300, 400 500 AND 600 adjacent to treatment plant, 1, R.N. Tagore Road, Kolkata-700076. And 01 more. New Icon PDF Icon
22 Detailed Tender Notice No. KMDA/HOUSING/EE (Elec.)/NIT-119/2021-2022 29-12-2021 18-01-2022 Repair, rectification & complete overhauling of 1 X 100 TR bottle type cooling tower & repair, replacement of 28000 CFM AHU tray including coil section, filter section and complete refurbishing of the AIR handling unit installed at Ahindra Mancha, Chetla, Kolkata- 700 027 (2nd Call) New Icon PDF Icon
23 Notice Inviting Tender No. EE(E/M)SWTP/T-10 to EE(E/M)SWTP/T-12 of 2021-22 29-12-2021 25-01-2022 Renovation of control panel for 03 (Three) Nos. delivery side butterfly valve actuators along with laying of new power cables and two nos sump pumps starter panel at RWPS of Serampore Water Treatment Plant under KMDA. And 02 more. New Icon PDF Icon
24 Abridged e-Tender Notice No.16/EE/ED-III/E-M/KMDA OF 2021-22 (4th Call) 28-12-2021 28-01-2022 Operation, cleaning including Daily / Periodic maintenance for the General Lights inside auditorium, VIP Rooms & other Places , Stage Lights including stage craft, Split Type AC, Fire Pump Motor Sets, LT & HT equipments including Panels, and other articles at Nazrul Mancha, Kolkata. New Icon PDF Icon
25 NIT NO. 15/EE/ED-III/E-M/KMDA of 2021-2022 28-12-2021 19-01-2022 Thorough Checking, cleaning, over hauling, testing commissioning and trial run of existing Fountains and allied works near Ashoke Malhotra Cricket Academy within Rabindra Sarabar, Kolkata. New Icon PDF Icon
26 Notice Inviting Tender No. 10/EE(E/M)/EBSD/EM/KMDA/T-10 of 2021-22 28-12-2021 27-01-2022 Repairing ,servicing of VT pump of pump no.-2 at Raw Water Pumping Station under Bansberia Water Treatment Plant, Bansberia New Icon PDF Icon
27 03/SE(P)/W&S/KMDA of 2021-2022 27-12-2021 29-01-2022 Detailed Design, Construction, Erection & Commissioning (Civil Part Only) of 1.0 MG Capacity Underground Reservoir cum Buster Pumping Station including Construction of Sub-Station Building and allied works at Ward No.-14, under Kalyani Municipality) and 01 more New Icon PDF Icon
28 Details Notice Inviting Tender No: 09/EE/BD/W&S/KMDA of 2021-22 27-12-2021 18-01-2022 Yearly maintenance of Office Building and Other allied works related to Baranagar Division, Hooghly Division and Electro Mechanical Division-III At 1 No, R.N Tagore Road, Kolkata-700076. New Icon PDF Icon
29 KMDA/CIVIL/E&AM/Planning Circle/SE/04 of 2021-22 24-12-2021 19-01-2022 Construction of Electric Crematorium Building in Single Unit at Shyambabur Burning Ghat under Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality, (Civil Part). New Icon PDF Icon
30 11/SE(Cons)/E&AM/KMDA of 2021-22 24-12-2021 25-01-2022 Deployment of Private Security personnel of 200 nos. for the period of 1(one) year at Unnayan Bhawan Salt Lake and other offices at different locations under KMDA area.(2nd call) New Icon PDF Icon
31 KMDA/EM/EE/ED-II/NIT-37/2021-22 24-12-2021 17-01-2022 Illumination works on EM Bye pass and beside Milan Mela Prangan in connection with BGBS 2022 New Icon PDF Icon
32 Detailed e-Tendering NIT No.07/EE/DIV-III/W&S/KMDA of 2021-2022 24-12-2021 18-01-2022 Supplying and laying of 160mm dia HDPE pipe (Grade PE-100) at Aadhar Das road, Halder Para road and A.T Mukherjee road at Ward no. 13 & 14 including permanent road restoration and allied works of Budge Budge Municipality. New Icon PDF Icon
33 Abridged e-Tender No.SE(E/M)-II/T-06 of 2021-22 24-12-2021 28-01-2022 Supply, installation, testing, commissioning and five year operation and maintenance of power transformer along with allied electrical equipments of 33kV electrical power distribution sub-station for 40MGD capacity WTP & CWPS at Mahestala under Mahestala Municipality. New Icon PDF Icon
34 Abridged e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/EM/EE/ED-II/NIT-37/2021-22 24-12-2021 17-01-2022 Illumination works on EM Bye pass and beside Milan Mela Prangan in connection with BGBS-2022 New Icon PDF Icon
35 Abridged e-Tender No. SE(E/M)-II/T-05 of 2021-22 24-12-2021 18-02-2022 Supply, Delivery, Testing and commissioning of truck mounted (compact) Suction cum Jetting Machines with all machineries, pumps, equipments etc, all complete for Howrah Municipal Corporation and Barrackpore Municipality New Icon PDF Icon
36 1st Addendum & Corrigendum of Notice Inviting e-Tender No. KMDA/CIVIL/HOUSING/SE/C-IV/22 Of 2021-22 (3rd call) 23-12-2021 02-02-2022 1st Addendum & Corrigendum Notice New Icon PDF Icon
37 01/KMDA/CIVIL/SE (CRS)/E&AM of 2021-22 23-12-2021 17-01-2022 Supply, installation and placement of Godrej Make Office Furniture such as chairs, tables, stool, Almirah, sofas, optimizers, modular workstations, Dining Table, Book racks, etc. at the newly constructed west Bengal Tele Academy Project at Baruipur, south 24 Prgs. New Icon PDF Icon
38 KMDA/CIVIL/HOUSING/SE/C-IV/22 of 2021-22 (3rd Call) 23-12-2021 28-01-2022 Storm Water Drainage Network for New Tanneries in added area of Calcutta Leather Complex, South 24 Parganas. (Part-II) (3rd call). New Icon PDF Icon
39 KMDA/HOUSING/SE/Circle II/NIT-117/2021-2022 22-12-2021 25-01-2022 Construction of Balance 40 Dwelling Units for Slum Dwellers at Jhoro Bustee in K.I.T. Scheme No.-118, Golf Garden New Icon PDF Icon
40 EE-VI/BWTP/T-08 of 2021-22 22-12-2021 20-01-2022 As and when required basis repairing of different diameter pipeline (DI/MS) alongwith valve of different dia & make (Butterfly/Sluice/Air/Non-return) at Zone-I (Covering Bansberia Water Treatment Plant New Icon PDF Icon
41 EE-VI/T-18 of 2021-22 22-12-2021 20-01-2022 Repairing, renovation of damage roof of Clear Water Pump Hgouse by bituminous water proofing treatment alongwith other ancillary withing 20 MGD Serampore Water Treatment Plant. New Icon PDF Icon
42 09/EE/ED-VI/E-M/KMDA of 2021-2022 22-12-2021 18-01-2022 (Repairing, Overhauling, Testing, Commissioning of 11 KV, 400A HT VCB panel (Electronica Make) & 200 KVA 11KV / 0.433 KV out door type Transformer of 0.7 MGD capacity Reservoir cum Booster Pumping Station at Pujali under Pujali Municipality) and 02 nos. more New Icon PDF Icon
43 EE/DIV-XI/T-05 (R) 2nd Call of 2021-22 21-12-2021 25-01-2022 Engagement of Consultancy Services for obtaining License for Chlorine Cylinder Storage facility (for capacity above 05 nos. of Chlorine Cylinder Storage) as per GAS Cylinder rule 2016 for different WTPs (13 nos.) under Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority . New Icon PDF Icon
44 KMDA/EM/SE/EC-II/NIT-08/2021-22 21-12-2021 25-01-2022 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Building Management System comprising of works such as Audio System, CCTV, WiFi, LAN Systems etc. at Barasat Administrative Building-II, Barasat, North 24 Parganas New Icon PDF Icon
45 04/SE(S)/W&S/KMDA of 2021-2022 (2nd Call) 21-12-2021 19-01-2022 Design, Drawing, Supplying & laying of M.S Conduit Rising Main of 1600 mm(ID) dia. as carrier pipe (20 mm th) by Jacking Technique Method with necessary connections at Bhutghat Road & Garden Reach Junction to Garden Reach Post Office in connection with Surface Water Supply Scheme of Rajpur-Sonarpur Municipality (Phase-II) under AMRUT) and 05 nos. more. New Icon PDF Icon
46 09/SE/C-I/R&B/KMDA of 2021-2022 20-12-2021 24-01-2022 Repair & Replacement of rain water pipe & fittings at different locations of MAA Flyover throughout the alignment including GD, GU, EB, WB. With 2 years restoration. New Icon PDF Icon
47 03/EE/WCD/W&S/KMDA of 2021-2022 20-12-2021 17-01-2022 Supply and Delivery of 200 MT Liquid Chlorine (tonner) including collection of empty tonner and refill the same along with loading, unloading, transportation and all other taxes as applicable for water treatment at 30 MGD Kalyani WTP New Icon PDF Icon
48 2nd Corrigendum to Tender No.EE-VI/BWTP/T-07 of 2021-22 15-12-2021 17-01-2022 2nd Corrigendum Notice New Icon PDF Icon
49 SE(GRWW)/T-07 & SE(GRWW)/T-08 of 2021-22 14-12-2021 17-01-2022 Construction of 33 KV Electrical Sub-Station building for CESC within WTP premises at Akra Brick field under Maheshtala Municipality New Icon PDF Icon
50 02/SE (P)/W&S/KMDA of 2021-2022 10-12-2021 21-01-2022 Corrigendum Notice of e-NIT No. of............ New Icon PDF Icon
51 03/EE/SCD-III/R&B/KMDA of 2021-22 06-12-2021 24-01-2022 Corrigendum Notice of .......... New Icon PDF Icon
52 2nd Corrigendum Notice of e- NIT No. 01/SE (P)/W&S/KMDA of 2021-2022 01-12-2021 17-01-2022 2nd Corrigendum Notice New Icon PDF Icon
53 2nd Corrigendum of e-Tendering NIT No. KMDA/W&S/MAT/SE/03/2021-22 (3rd Call) 08-11-2021 21-01-2022 2nd Corrigendum Notice New Icon PDF Icon