Government of West Bengal
Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority
(A Statutory Body under Urban Development & Municipal Affairs Department)

Estate Unit (LA)


Name & Designation of the head of Estate Unit (Land Acquisition Cell) Sri Debasis Chakraborty (Additional Secretary (Ex - officio) )
Brief Description and Function

One of the main pillars of KMDA’s administrative sectors, Land Acquisition Cell is in charge of supervising all land related matters. This Cell also issues No objection Certificate to the applicants for purchasing of land within Kolkata Metropolitan Area.


Functions of Land Acquisition Cell:

  • Mainly surveys of Lands held by different sectors as per their requisitions. Preparation of Superimposition of Engineering Maps is done on Mouza Maps and supplied to the sectors.
    • Also involved with preparation of Rights and Titles of various lands held by KMDA which are forwarded to the L&LR Department for finalization of deeds in favour of KMDA.
  • In case of land which has been allotted by KMDA (Bulk lands as well as individual plots by Marketing and Management Department) site plan is prepared for handing over possession and preparation of lease deed.
  • Matters relating to land disputes between KMDA and other parties (individuals, autonomous bodies) are also enquired and suitably dealt with as per available records.(Gazette Notification ,Possession Certificate and copy of deed).
  • Right to Information cases arising from individual applications pertaining to acquisition of land where KMDA is the requiring body are dealt with.
  • Legal matters and Court cases were handled with the help of Law cell within time and parawise comments relating to acquisition cases sent to the Ld. Advocates.
  • Decreetal dues arising out of LA Cases pertaining to KMA Area comprising five neighboring districts including Kolkata where KMDA is the requiring body is dealt after getting authenticated vetted estimate from the L&LR Department.
  • Issuing of No objection Certificate to the applicants for purchasing of land within Kolkata Metropolitan Area.
Organisational structure in Hierarchy